The lucky rabbits foot has paid big dividends in April.

Individual Stock Performance

Source: Interactive Brokers

The portfolio heat map from Interactive Brokers in the easiest way to show you which stocks worked well for me in April. Click on the tag in the footer of this page for the stock symbol you are interested in, to see what I have written about that stock.

From a helicopter view, you will see the following themes worked well for me:

You should not attribute any genius to me for the best performing stock in my portfolio in April - which was Nekkar $NKRo with a 40.52% return. It was an old investment where I had my butt kicked, finally making a come back. I am almost at break even on it now - so I hope the market continues to see the potential I first saw in it. There is a financial dispute that hangs like a sword over the neck of this company. If it resolves in their favor, things will be sweet. If not, than not so much. Buyer beware !!!! Gamblers welcome :-)

Portfolio versus the S&P

Compared to the broader S&P market the portfolio gained 43% compared to 12% - so that was nice.

Long term performance is more important

Every dog has his day, so while it is fun to look at this great month. I would encourage you to look at my long term performance since 2016. Of course, the future is not always a reliable indicator of the future.

This is not investment advice

As always, this is not investment advice. You should do your own research. You should consult your professional advisors.