I have always laughed at people who claim they can time the market - I simply do not believe anybody can.

But I was looking at my portfolio performance since 2016 and realized I must be putting more money to work when the market is doing well, even though it had not been a conscious decision.

Performance vs S&P since 2016
Returns calculated on Money Weighted Basis since 2016 - Interactive BrokersSince 2016, my portfolio has returned 140% per year versus the S&P’s 44%. These annualized returns have been calculated by Interactive Brokers on a “Money Weighted” basis to take account not only of stock selection decisions …

What makes me ask this?

Well as you know, I judge my portfolios performance on a money weighted basis measured by Interactive Brokers. I noticed the the money weighted performance of the S&P since 2016 was 44% per year - say more than the performance of the S&P since 2016. And the performance of my portfolio was 140% per year which is kind of thrilling.

So why is that?

Well I know for a fact, I cannot time markets.  I think it might be a by-product of how I decide at what price to buy stocks:

The difference between good investors and great investors
I truly believe that buying at the “Best Price” is what makes the difference between a great investor and lots and lots of good investors. The simple factor is

and how I decide how much of each stock I decide to buy each time I buy.

What do you think?