Source: Interactive Brokers - Money Weighted Return - Annualized

From the table above you can see we have handily out performed the 3 major indexes for the past year. Tech heavy Nasdaq has been on a tear and we have even outperformed that over the past 3 years without having all our eggs in big tech.

Our portfolio is currently broken up over the following sectors:

Source: Interactive Brokers

and spread throughout the following countries

Source: Interactive Brokers

You can find a list of our 5 largest holdings here if you are interested.

I am always a glass half full type of person, but I am unsure of the market ahead - which is why I have started playing around with portfolio insurance. It is an interesting idea, but I still do not know if it will work.

Having said that, I have taken a few new positions recently that I have not had a chance to write up yet - so stay tuned, I think you will like them.

Not Investment Advice

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