In April, when we wrote up out thoughts on Entercom, we were swimming against the tide. Short sellers were rampaging claiming the company would collapse during Covid-19 under the weight of its debt.  The share price was plunging.

But we thought their analysis was faulty. We believed the podcast and radio business would emerge safely from Covid-19. Plus we observed insider buying suggesting it was more than our belief.


And the insiders are still buying

Insider Buying: The Entercom Communications Corp. (NYSE:ETM) Chairman Emeritus Just Bought 8.6% More Shares
Entercom Communications Corp. (NYSE:ETM) shareholders (or potential shareholders) will be happy to see that the...

Not Selling

We are happy with the 88% gain so far, but we believe the shares in Entercom (NYSE:ETM) have a lot more upside in the future - so we are holding on.

Not Investment Advice

As always, this is not investment advice. Do your own research. Consult your professional advisors.