You will remember I purchased this Net Net Stock back in April and was planning to hold it for a year

Net Net - small but historically profitable - Saker Aviation Services, Inc. (SKAS)
This company is tiny. As I write this, it has a market cap of $3.4 million, an operating business that has been interrupted by COVID-19, and $4 million cash in the bank. Here are some things I like:

But Saker Aviation Services, Inc. (SKAS) has the majority of its operations in NYC (e.g. helipad) and with all that has been going on in New York like:

  • Covid-19
  • Nursing home deaths
  • slow re-opening after lockdown
  • protests
  • rioting
  • looting
  • defund the police (and the actual defunding of part of the police)
  • shootings
  • etc

I was losing sleep over this investment. There was simply too much going on in NYC for me to understand what the future of Saker Aviation Services, Inc. (SKAS) would look like. I was not losing sleep over my other investments and this concenr for Saker and NYC was taking up too much of my head space.

So I took a 10% profit and sold.

Note: New York entered phase 2 of its re-opening today - so maybe it is al good from here - but too many risks and unknowns for me.

Not Investment Advice

As always, this is not investment advice. Do your own research. Consult your professional advisors.