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Net Net: Cash $60m, Long term debt $10m, Market cap $14m - FreightCar America Inc. (NASDAQ:RAIL)

With $60 million in the bank, a big backlog (versus a $14 million market cap), and a management dedicated to fixing the profitability issues, I think the company has enough run way to get through the Covid-19 crisis, turn itself around and return to its former valuations.

Moat enhancement devices

As we said in "How good is the moat surrounding your castle" a good most is much more than water in a trench. A good moat has many enhancements to stop people who learn to swim - like crocodiles. So lets discuss what some of those "Moat Enhancements" are:

How good is the moat surrounding your castle?

A moat is the competitive advantages possessed by a business that protect it from competitors and allows them to earn a high return on equity over a sustained period of time. Like a moat protects a castle, competitive advantages protect successful businesses.

Investing through the rear view mirror

Know what you are looking for in your search for "Best Stocks". These are the characteristics of a great business.
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