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Sleepless in New York City

Saker Aviation Services, Inc. (SKAS) has the majority of its operations in NYC (e.g. helipad) and with all that has been going on in New York like:

Net Net: Cash $60m, Long term debt $10m, Market cap $14m - FreightCar America Inc. (NASDAQ:RAIL)

With $60 million in the bank, a big backlog (versus a $14 million market cap), and a management dedicated to fixing the profitability issues, I think the company has enough run way to get through the Covid-19 crisis, turn itself around and return to its former valuations.

Cleaning up after the kid in the candy store

Most of these are companies I would never buy in normal times. But I do know that over the years, the opportunistic snapping up of bargains and then thinning them as the market bounces - has consistently generated profits for me. Sometimes the market drops again and I get to do it all over again.

Net Net - small but historically profitable - Saker Aviation Services, Inc. (SKAS)

This company is tiny. As I write this, it has a market cap of $3.4 million, an operating business that has been interrupted by COVID-19, and $4 million cash in the bank. Here are some things I like:
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