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Our faith in Entercom (NYSE:ETM) pays off - 88% gain

In April, when we wrote up out thoughts on Entercom, we were swimming against the tide. Short sellers were rampaging claiming the company would collapse during Covid-19 under the weight of its debt. The share price was plunging.

Value Investing with Legends

In this podcast you will hear from some of the world’s greatest investors, their views on the investment management industry, how they developed their investment process and how they see the field changing over time.

Focused Compounding

They talk stocks they’ve bought and sold – sharing their gorily honest tales of what went right and wrong. The rest of the time: they take your questions about stocks. It’s always stocks, stocks, stocks on the Focused Compounding Podcast.

Entercom Communications Corp. (NYSE: ETM)

I want to tell you about a family management team who bought shares in their company during troubled times in the past and sold them during better times for large rewards. In fact, a family management team that has done this not once, but twice. And they are buying shares their company again.
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