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Playing with portfolio insurance

Buying S&P put options with a strike price between 5% and 15% below the current market value that would expire in a few months. So we are self insuring the first 5% to 15% of the loss and am hoping the put option covers the rest if there is a sudden fall.

Simply sizzling performance

Since March 1st, we are up 55% versus the market's approx 25% Since January 1st, we are up 112% versus the markets approx break even performance.

Performance vs S&P since 2016

Returns calculated on Money Weighted Basis since 2016 - Interactive BrokersSince 2016, my portfolio has returned 140% per year versus the S&P's 44%. These annualized returns have been calculated by Interactive Brokers on a "Money Weighted" basis to take account not only of stock selection decisions but also
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