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Saker Aviation Services (www.SakerAviation.com), serves as the operator of a heliport, a fixed base operation (“FBO”) in NYC and Kansas, and as a consultant for a seaplane base that they do not own. FBOs provide ground-based services, such as fueling, aircraft storage, and aircraft maintenance for general aviation, commercial and military aircraft, and other miscellaneous services.

Sleepless in New York City

Saker Aviation Services, Inc. (SKAS) has the majority of its operations in NYC (e.g. helipad) and with all that has been going on in New York like:

Ready for take-off

Covid-19 tanked this technology company because of its exposure to the travel and tourism industries. But with people starting to travel more, this company is ready to take off again.

2020 - April Performance

The lucky rabbits foot has paid big dividends in April. Compared to the broader S&P market the portfolio gained 43% compared to 12% - so that was nice.

Net Net - small but historically profitable - Saker Aviation Services, Inc. (SKAS)

This company is tiny. As I write this, it has a market cap of $3.4 million, an operating business that has been interrupted by COVID-19, and $4 million cash in the bank. Here are some things I like:
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