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Reviews of stocks we have decided to keep in our portfolio

Warren we still love you

As you know, Warren Buffett was scaring me with Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE: BRK-B) selling airlines (almost at any price), banks, and raising debt when he was sitting on a stack of cash

Feeling like Rocky - winning with Nekkar ASA (NKR.OL)

Now we find ourselves 51% up on our total investment and feeling pretty good. We still like the business, so we are not selling. But Nekkar ASA (NKR.OL) is not out of the woods yet as that legal dispute has still not been resolved. Lets hope it is not a last minute knock out punch.

Our faith in Entercom (NYSE:ETM) pays off - 88% gain

In April, when we wrote up out thoughts on Entercom, we were swimming against the tide. Short sellers were rampaging claiming the company would collapse during Covid-19 under the weight of its debt. The share price was plunging.

Moody's downgrade debt and change outlook to negative - Entercom Communications Corp. (NYSE:ETM)

We were purchasing shares when we saw the share price dropping due to CoronaVirus. We felt the drop was magnified by: the company reporting large losses (even though they were due to non-cash items and cash flow had been strong) debt levels that were going to scare the market

Is this Uranium bet still worthwhile? - Cameco (TSX: CCO; NYSE: CCJ)

Uranium today is like a game of chicken - which utility will blink first and enter into long term contracts commercially appealing to the miners before the inventories dry up? Which miners will hold out till they get the right price for their product.
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